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Fastest Filemaker Solution

Question asked by Lordylordy on Jan 5, 2009
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Fastest Filemaker Solution


Hi fellow Filemakers!


I have been working with Filemaker for over 10 years now, recently progressing to v.9 running on Vista Business.


I have been working with files of over 1 million user records relating to c. 2 million transactional records and have had frequent crashes recently.


The chaps at Filemaker assure me it isn't a Vista issue, so I recently upgraded to a new machine with 8gb RAM. To be able to address this volume of RAM you need to be running 64-bit (I'm told), but of course Filemaker don't support 64-bit.


I can downgrade back to 32-bit, but then I'm back where I started.


We have a couple of FM Server licenses which we haven't been using, I think because the server we had was a bit old.


Getting to the point, finally, could someone recommend the fastest solution to run Filemaker on? We're a relatively small user group - 3 or 4 of us - all with different specced PC's. Is a server version the best way to go - I seem to remember complications with server when we previously installed it - or are high specced 'client' machines just as fast, albeit working off a server where they are stored (rather than served)?


I'll need to get the expense of a new server signed off by the purseholders, simultaneosly admitting that my expensive new machine can't run Filemaker to it's full capability.


Thanks all!