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    Fastest Filemaker Solution



      Fastest Filemaker Solution


      Hi fellow Filemakers!


      I have been working with Filemaker for over 10 years now, recently progressing to v.9 running on Vista Business.


      I have been working with files of over 1 million user records relating to c. 2 million transactional records and have had frequent crashes recently.


      The chaps at Filemaker assure me it isn't a Vista issue, so I recently upgraded to a new machine with 8gb RAM. To be able to address this volume of RAM you need to be running 64-bit (I'm told), but of course Filemaker don't support 64-bit.


      I can downgrade back to 32-bit, but then I'm back where I started.


      We have a couple of FM Server licenses which we haven't been using, I think because the server we had was a bit old.


      Getting to the point, finally, could someone recommend the fastest solution to run Filemaker on? We're a relatively small user group - 3 or 4 of us - all with different specced PC's. Is a server version the best way to go - I seem to remember complications with server when we previously installed it - or are high specced 'client' machines just as fast, albeit working off a server where they are stored (rather than served)?


      I'll need to get the expense of a new server signed off by the purseholders, simultaneosly admitting that my expensive new machine can't run Filemaker to it's full capability.


      Thanks all! 

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          Hello.  With what you are describing ... I'm sure we can get the data stable.  There are many factors involved here including the server hardware and software specs as well as networking equipment and probably most importantly, the database itself (scripting, layouts, relationship issues, etc), but with a little patience and persistence we can absolutely get the system stable.


          I don't know if you are looking for someone to actually come in and solve the problem for you OR just want some suggestions ... either way I am happy to give you some guidance.


          Let me know a little more info and we will go from there.  A lengthy description of your hardware / software and network equipment would be a great start.


          Feel free to email me offline as well if you'd like. 


          Randall Mauro

          Greater Than Data / Happy Mac & PC


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            I would definitely go with FM Server for a data set that large, if only for the automated backups. You'll also get best performance and stability that way. E.g., if your client does crash, you're much less likely to corrupt the files if they're hosted on server than on your local machine.


            For more info on 64 bit, read this, and the links there.

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              Thanks Tom...I'll revert to 32-bit asap!

              I have been running basic Filemaker 9 in 64-bit for a couple of daya, and so far so good...but I don't like living with those odds, particularly as a crash is inevitable at the very worst time!!

              Who knows - I might even be confident enough to revert to Vista Business once FMS is installed?!