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    Favorites list



      Favorites list


           I want to be able to enter add a record to a favorites list.   Does anyone have any experience doing this.   If so, how?.  I have a bunch of drills for volleyball and each drill is its own record and is assigned the type of skill it is.  For example, one drill is "role drill" and it is part of the "hitting" skill.  I would like to be able to add it to a favored list so that I can view the hitting drills I like.

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               There are a great many ways that you might do that.

               A very simple approach is to add a field to this table of drills where a specific value in that field "marks" it as a "favorite". Then portals, finds, value lists can all use the value in this field to produce a list of just those records selected as a "favorite" drill.

               This field might be a field formatted with a single value check box format. Clicking the check box selects the drill as a favorite, clicking it again deselects it as a favorite.