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           do you use   dial phone  then print   -  in dial phone when you specify phone number why is calculation text  -  how does print know when to send  - 

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               Wow! talk about a blast form the past! Haven't dealt with faxing from FileMaker in many years! (My first tech article that I submitted to Insde FileMaker Pro years ago was an article on how to automate a fax in FileMaker 3...)

               The problem that you'll have with sending the fax if the dialog still works like what we had years ago when fax modems were state of the art, is that there is no way to get the phone number from a field in FileMaker into the phone number box in the print dialog. Would I be correct that you have a multi-function printer/fax/copier connected to your computer or network?

               I doubt that Dial Phone will work for this as it was intended for those old dial up modems and then they updated FileMaker GO to use it so that Dial Phone can dial numbers on Iphones.

               Years ago, I set up a system with a third party macro that automated the copy and paste from the fileMaker layout to the dialog, then a third party developer produced add on software that worked with a specific fax modem software. Since then the need for this hasn't come my way.

               What you can use today? I really don't know. I'd probably do a web search for plug ins to see if anyone else has had the same problem and produced a plug in for this.

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                   Isn't faxes and bummer from the same time period. lol.  Had similar problem, went to Best Buy and ask where the modems were and she said cable or dsl?  I said dail up and she didn't know what I was talking about.   You may consider using save as pdf or print to pdf and then attach to an email.

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                     There are a number of internet services, such as MyFax, that can take a text file or pdf, via email and deliver it to the recipient's fax machine. These services aren't free, but do get the job done. There can be issues between platforms, unicode, etc., but nothing that can't be overcome. 

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                       checking http://www.4sightfax.com/   -  some of my customers dont use e-mail  -  wish they did  -  my high school years early sixties, dont believe faxs were around then  -  bummer was the cleanest word i could think of at that moment    -  

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                         some of my customers dont use e-mail

                         Yes, but if they have a fax machine, YOU can send an email to the service and they will send the fax to your customers.