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Feasibility Study (or will this work?)

Question asked by RichardBaker on Dec 15, 2011
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Feasibility Study (or will this work?)


Hi all,


My name is Richard and I'm new to these forums. I run an IT Consultancy company in the UK, specialising in Apple & Microsoft integration. As such, FileMaker appears to be the ideal database solution given it's cross platform abilities.

As an old Lotus Approach user, I have a fair understanding of relational databases, but wanted some input as to whether FileMaker is going to be suitable for the task at hand.

We have three engineers, who work mainly at clients businesses, and one Operations Director who is based in the office. Our clients are a mix of monthly contracts who pay a monthly amount for a certain amount of hours and then get billed over this, and ad-hoc clients, who get billed for all work done.

Our engineers have iPad's and I was hoping to set up a database that allowed them to enter details about the jobs they were doing whilst on site (using FileMaker Go), and then have this data update to the office. This would allow the Operations Director to ensure clients are being billed correctly as well as providing historical data for future use. Ideally I would like to avoid the engineers having to have an internet connection to upload/transfer, as this is not always possible.

The part I am not clear on is how the interaction between the FileMaker Go and the main database happens, so any pointers here would be much appreciated.



Thanks in advance.