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Feature Request - Master Layout Template

Question asked by PrattLathrop on Dec 9, 2011
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Feature Request - Master Layout Template


I'm looking for a way to create a "master layout template". In some of my databases I have several layouts that I want to ensure some consistency. It's unnecessarily difficult to have to copy/paste from a generic template to the other layouts. For example, if I add a button to a common menu or, if I choose to change a color, font type, etc. I have to do that same procedure X times.

I would like some means by which I can make a change in one place and have that change automatically replicated across all other layouts.

I called tech support and they confirmed this isn't available in FMP 11, but I was assured that this is a procedure that many people have asked for. The tech support person I spoke with even told me he'd like that feature. He also told me the only way to really get the attention of FileMaker is to post the request in this forum. I'm hoping enough people out there are as interested in this as I am, that they'll "thumbs up" this post, comment, etc. that we can bring this to FM's attention.