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    Feature request--image manipulation



      Feature request--image manipulation


      I use a tremendous number of images in my databases (tracking film clips) and they come from a variety of sources--some are full RGB and some are REC601 or other.    The end result is some images look great and others are rather dark.


      Yes I could process before importing but it would be nifty if brightness could be adjusted.


      Beyond that, it would be awesome to vary the opacity of images in container fields, but I dare not dream.   


      Love the program.

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             There is an ImageScan plug-in which can do this. It can also do Rotate, Contrast (don't know about opacity). It is somewhat questionable how well it is supported however.
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            Doubt this would ever be "built in" to FileMaker, but at DevCon 2008 I demonstrated a solution that manipulated images using the SmartPill plugin from http://www.scodigo.com


            We demonstrated adding a drop shadow and rotating the image: both operations used php code called from the plugin to take the image apart, add layers, reassemble and then reimport into a container field. If you could find php code to change opacity / brightness I'm sure you'd be able to do the same things. Micah at Scodigo is also VERY helpful with these kinds of mods.


            Hope that helps.