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Feature Request: Single-line log-in

Question asked by danemcg_1 on Mar 11, 2013
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Feature Request: Single-line log-in



     Security option (primarily of use on iOS platform):
     I'd like to be able to allow the initial user sign-in to be a single text box, not the traditional two; i.e., instead of entering
         Account Name: John Smith
         Password: carbuncle23
     They'd enter
         Login: Purple Unicorns 44 Dancing
     With an option to control the minimum length of the user's login, to keep it secure.
     Alternatively, if people just can't surrender the notion of separate account names and passwords, allow them to be entered in one dialog; e.g., a PowerSchool log-in is in the form of   USERNAME;PASSWORD, with the two separated by a semicolon.
     Workaround: I know I can just auto-login with a generic user account and then have a user sign-in page I create myself, but I'd rather have log-in security handled by the system.
     (I've already submitted this to the Feature Request form.)