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Feedback Form

Question asked by Annette on Jan 11, 2013
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Feedback Form



     I wanted to create a feedback form, one that looks like one of those instant messaging chat boxes. 

     I have a text field and I have a Temp Text field which is global.  Basically what I want to do is when they click in the temp text field, and press a button it enters the text above it in the text field. 

     So for that button I have a script which says set field Feedback::Text;and the calculated result is:  Feedback::Text & ¶ &
     "_________________________________________________________________________________________" & ¶ &
     "Created By - " & Get ( UserName )  & " - " & Get ( CurrentTimeStamp ) & ¶ & ¶ &
     Feedback::TempText  & ¶ & "_________________________________________________________________________________________" & ¶


     The next step says set field Feedback::TempText and the calculated result is ""

     I can type the text in the temptext field on the layout and when I hit the send button the temptext field goes back to blank but the text isn't appearing above in the Text field. 

     Any idea what I've done wrong? 

     My other question is how do I get this to create a new chat for each user, so that not all users see all the chat from previous users.