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Feeding data into FM from Applescript: fastest way

Question asked by BatMan on May 12, 2010
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Feeding data into FM from Applescript: fastest way


Hi. I'm feeding my FM Pro 11 Advanced database with data from an AppleScript. The current way this is done is via the "set cell" command in a layout that contains the target fields. However, this seems to be very slow. Each time a field is fed with a value, the FM layout does a refresh, which is unnecessary and takes a lot of time. I need to fill in hundreds or thousands of fields. Isn't there a faster way to do that? Like, "locking" the layout to prevent the rendering engine from updating the layout every time a cell value has been set, and only releasing it after everything has been filled in. Or like filling in the data in the background, i.e. not in a layout that is being shown and redrawn all the time.


I appreciate your ideas!