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Few dousbts in filemaker

Question asked by Coolguy on Nov 14, 2009
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Few dousbts in filemaker


1) I have one main window & sub window. In sub window i will enter some value & before clicking "finish" button some times i will close this sub window accidentally  if so i want to check the values of those fields based on the value i need to update .How can i do that?I woulde like to know how can i know I clicked closed window?

2) After entering the value in sub window i need to show it in main-window (After clicking "Finish") button in sub window.I tried with Refresh window but it is not working.script is like that..
          Go to Portal Row[Select;Last]
          Go to Portal Row[Select;Previous]
          If [IsEmpty(Car::Brand)&IsEmpty(Car::Year)&IsEmpty(Car::Problems)]
              Delete Record/Request[No Dialog]
         GotoLayout["Calender 1st Service"(CarInfo)]
         Refresh window[]

3) While i am inputing a  value i need to check the value is existing or not. For eg:- one customer is taking an appointment for a date & time(time will be like 7,7.30,8,8.30....up to 7 p.m.) how can i check the time is already assigned for a client on that date.