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    Few dousbts in filemaker



      Few dousbts in filemaker


      1) I have one main window & sub window. In sub window i will enter some value & before clicking "finish" button some times i will close this sub window accidentally  if so i want to check the values of those fields based on the value i need to update .How can i do that?I woulde like to know how can i know I clicked closed window?

      2) After entering the value in sub window i need to show it in main-window (After clicking "Finish") button in sub window.I tried with Refresh window but it is not working.script is like that..
                Go to Portal Row[Select;Last]
                Go to Portal Row[Select;Previous]
                If [IsEmpty(Car::Brand)&IsEmpty(Car::Year)&IsEmpty(Car::Problems)]
                    Delete Record/Request[No Dialog]
               GotoLayout["Calender 1st Service"(CarInfo)]
               Refresh window[]

      3) While i am inputing a  value i need to check the value is existing or not. For eg:- one customer is taking an appointment for a date & time(time will be like 7,7.30,8,8.30....up to 7 p.m.) how can i check the time is already assigned for a client on that date.

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          I suggest tackling one issue at a time.


          Would it be possible to do without the subwindow and simply do everything with a portal on your layout? That would eliminate the issue of detecting a close window action altogether and might simplify your entire data entry process.


          If you must go with a subwindow, I suggest using FMP advanced to modify the Close window menu for your subwindow's layout. You can modify the close window command to run your own script and you can then add whatever code you need to handle the accidental closure of the window. If you don't have advanced you can use the following code to disable the window closure controls:


          Show/Hide Status Area [lock, hide]

          Allow User Abort [off]

          Pause/Resume Script [Indefinitely]


          Now you add your own button to close the window and it can run your script for closing the window and thus can check for "accidental" window close situations. In button setup... you can specify that current scripts be exited in order to quit the above paused script. Also, the above script steps make your subwindow "modal" that is, the user will be prevented from interacting with other parts of your system until they close the subwindow.