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    Fewer posts and replies?



      Fewer posts and replies?


      Having visited the forum quite often lately I can't help but notice that there's been a marked decrease in traffic since the change in format/software. To me this is likely due to a lack of comfort on the part of the users and a general frustration with the new format (inability to distinguish "read" from "unread" posts being front and center). Over the last few years I've come to value this forum as a source of both information and discussion. In my opinion the forum has become more difficult to use. It's new though, and I hope we'll see some of the missing features implemented in the near future.


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          Rick -

          I agree.  I encountered the new forum software just tonight and the first thing I noticed is that every reply to a post seems to have to be classified as an "answer" as opposed to a simple reply.  Sometimes these threads are conversations that will result in an "answer" eventually. 

          Matt Bloomfield

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            It is also the summer holiday season when many go away for awhile.

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              +1 for not liking the new forum software.

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                I will chime in, I am not as comfortable using the new format.  I always wonder why everyone has to change the user-interface.  Currently I am staying in v10 instead of upgrading because of the change in the user-interface on v11.  I am sure at some point I will upgrade to v11.

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                  I didn't participate in the old forum so I can't compare, but I can't believe there isn't simply a way (other than back) to get directly back to "Using Filemaker" Forum.

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                    FMI implemented this new forum in the same style that they implement their Updaters, new Versions and enhancements ... half-baked.  And it will take as long to get things fixed and to make the forum worthwhile (if it all) ... again Just like their bugs and poor software decisions (over 100 current bugs and many have been there for five years or more).  I do not hold out hope; I've seen their pattern for too many years now.

                    And yes many people have left. I check in only sometimes myself when I have absolutely nothing else to do; it is not the summer situation (simply compare it to last year).  FMI can go back to prior software and they should go back until they actually provide a functional forum.  But again, just like their software releases, they believe in releasing before thorough testing of their product.  In this way, WE ALL become their testers and we all lose but it costs FMI very little.

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                      I believe this also has something to do with the fact all posts previous to the change were at url forum-en.filemaker.com  (I can't get rid of these damn italics coincidentially) and that url no longer exists, so when using a search engine you are presented with a dead link.

                      The day that the crossover was made I spent quite some time writing out a post and foolishly assumed the spell-check would be working. Instead, I lost all text and was presented with a blank page. Maybe that's just a browser issue......mmmm, just a thought. I learn from mistakes so pleese excuze mi spelin


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                        Spell check is currently working.

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                          "After a few more hours of using it. I will have to agree with Daniele completely. Not only am I disappointed by the new format but as I use it more, actually I cant stand it. It almost unusable to the point where I dont even want to bother with these forums. It too much overhead work."   - mr_vodka


                          "I believe these are complaints, rather than suggestions. I don't know about others, but in my case they come out of utter frustration. I have already lowered the number of my responses, and I may stop posting altogether - simply because I cannot find my way in this jungle. It's quite possible I may have posted a response to someone, and missed the followup.

                          I ask again: is it really necessary to reinvent the wheel? Forum technology is pretty mature these days, and what we have here is not even beginning to compare to what's generally available out of the box."  - Comment


                          If I COULD I would save you the time to scroll through the entire thread instead of going to a specific post on the thread but alas THAT ability was taken away with these new forums as well...