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Field "enabled" / "visible" ???

Question asked by synergy46 on Feb 19, 2009
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Field "enabled" / "visible" ???


OK, here is a tough one for all the 'experts'... :smileyhappy:


I have a single table:  Members.


There is a MemberName Field

There is a Status field

There is a VouchedFor field


The Status field is a 'drop down' text box.

The Status field is next to the VouchedFor field



"When the user selects "Visitor" in Status, I want the VouchedFor field to become visibible/enabled/useable.  Otherwise it is not.


I thought about changing the color for VouchedFor to be the same as the background when .not. "Visitor" but that does NOT solve the user who tabs into it anyway....


Anyone got any ideas?