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Field Auto complete and lookup

Question asked by PhilWannell on Jun 29, 2013
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Field Auto complete and lookup


     Good morning all, thank  you all so much for your continued help on these forums. The help has been invaluable. I'm almost there with my filemaker program however i'm just trying to add the icing on the cake. Ideally I would like for all fields to auto complete if the information is completed on 1 field. For instance I have products that have a product ID, Product Description, Product Cost. These are retrieved from the server via an ODBC connection and then stored for autocomplete. At the moment I can start typing in Product ID or Product Description and they auto complete. However i would ideally like to enter a product ID and both the Product ID and Product Description field and Price auto complete in one go? Is this relatively easy to do?

     Kind regards amd thank you for your help again.