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    Field behavior with vertical scroll bar



      Field behavior with vertical scroll bar


      FMPro 9v3 Advance 

      I have two fields defined as text fields. First Field is a comment entry field setup as control style edit box with no verticle scroll bar, the other is a large comments edit box with a verticle scroll bar. The idea is to allow entry of data into the comment box via the comment entry field using a script.


      How can I scroll data in the comment box if I have the field behavior check box unchecked in the browse mode? Also I need to add data to the end but donot allow to delete or modify what data is in the comment field?

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          Hi SmallTown


          as you had seen, you can't have a not enterable text field with a scroll bar.


          So, to solve your problem, you'll need to apply two tricks.


          1) The field "comment box" need to be a calculated field ( result text ) [ a calculated field CAN have a scroll bar and cannot be modified by any one ]  and calc:



          IsEmpty ( comment box ) ; comment entry ;

          comment box & ¶ & comment entry



          2) we have  to be SURE that the user want to save what he wrote into the "comment entry" field; but if he click on the layout, the record will autosave and his entry will go into the "comment box". To give him the possibility of thinking about this fact we now use the second trick: we place an empty, transparent, no borders Web Viewer UNDER all the fields of the layout and we format it with four anchors ( so it will expand all over the layout ).


          And we, while in Layout Mode, uncheck the box: "Save record changes automatically" under the menu: Layouts >> Layout setup...


          Now, if  the user clicks on the layout, there is no auto-save.


          But for save ? We place a "SAVE" button somewhere with a script along this line:


          Show Custom Dialog [ "Attenction" ; "Are you sure to save etc. etc." ]

          If [ Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 1 ]

          Committ Record/Request [ ]

          End If

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               I am having a similar problem with the scroll bar on the web.  I have one record that is linked to many layouts.  The first layout has an editable field for text.  The second and third layouts are non editable fields that display the text from the first layout.  How do I get the scroll bar to appear on the web?