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field calculation by group

Question asked by SandyHaaf on Feb 9, 2013
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field calculation by group


     I have a field 'count' that is a summary field count of with running total (I've tried both with & w/o the group feature) of  a timestamp (if doesn't really matter, I'm just trying to get the record count).   Then I have a field timeelapsed  calculation, that multiples count * 3 (this gets me the number of minutes something is working).

     In the script that runs the report, perform find is selecting records based on certain criteria.  This part works.

     The layout (report) is grouped by name and then by month.  What I want is the number of records (count) * 3 for each of those groups.

     What I get if a good count for each group.  But the timeelapsed field (which is what I really need) - only give me the grand total (of count) * 3 for all groups.



     I still can't believe that Filemaker Pro doesn't allow calculations on its reports.  This seems like such a necessary and difficult thing for me to get by without.  My table is getting soooooo huge b/c I need a field for every little calculation.

     Sorry, I'm frustrated.