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Field cannot be modified

Question asked by Mitch on May 6, 2013
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Field cannot be modified


     Hi All,

     I have a field on a portal (original field) within a layout that is limited in size. But, on occasion needs to be expanded.  

     I wish to add a button that will open the same field, expanded in a new small window positioned over the top of the existing window.  However, if you begin to enter data in the original field, then click on the button, the small window will open, but you get a warning when you try and complete the data entry in the expanded field:

Field cannot be modified becuase it is being modified in another window.

     If the cursor is not in the original field, or you have not began to enter data in the original field at the time the button is clicked, data can be entered into the expanded field.

     Is there a way that data can be entered into the expanded field regardless of what has occured in the origianl field?