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Field Color not shown when record is not current (or is  inactive?) in list view.

Question asked by gcKoenig on Apr 29, 2014
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Field Color not shown when record is not current (or is  inactive?) in list view.


     Boy, am I frustrated.  So many things changed in FileMaker Pro (or Advanced) 13 where they added features, but I'm having a devil of a time figuring out the difference between what seems like a bug versus what could really be an added feature instead, where there is a control for it hidden in some clever place.  I don't know what to call this 'feature' or 'bug' so it's impossible to search for it on the forum here.  There are thousands of posts listed under common words, such as "field" etc., that I don't have time to paw through them all, and "advanced" search is of little help to narrow the search results.

     Today's dilemma:  I put three small fields on a list view layout.  I made each field a separate color.  I wanted the entire 'column' of each field to appear in that color, i.e. for all records, not just the current record.  But no. The fields only show their color when the record is current.  Otherwise, they're plain white for all other records.  This used to work just fine (the way I expect it to work)  in FileMaker version 10, 11, 12, etc.

     To resolve this, I've looked and looked.  I've looked in the inspector.  The Help article "Specifying the display state for an object" says there can be 7 possible states, but when I click on one of these fields, the Inspector only shows options for four of them - "Normal," "Hover," "Pressed," and "In Focus," but not "Active," "Inactive," "Primary," or "Alternate."  Next, I checked the Inspector for the Body part.  There, it gives me "Primary," "Alternate," and "Active," but not "Normal" or "Inactive."  Looking in the part definition box was no help either.

     At the moment, I give up.  I'm moving on to accomplish something else today.  I've spent so much time trying to resolve this, I'm starting to think that it was just not worth it.