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Field control for page id

Question asked by spfindlay on Nov 5, 2008
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Field control for page id


I want to create a field control in a tab which uses a calculation to display information from a different table. If i create say, a contacts database, and i have a field which gives each contact a preset id so i already have 1000 pages with set id numbers, I then have in the layout a tab control and on each tab i want to display a field which is a calculation stating that i want to display all information from a specific field that has the same name as the page id while still being able to input new information directly into the root field from the field control edit box. I thought i could have used a calculation like : GetField (tablename:: (tablename::ID) ) as i am specifing the table i want the information from and replacing the field name with the ID number of the current page i am on however this does not work. Anyone got any ideas as to how i can do this?