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Field Cut Off in WebDirect

Question asked by ColeSchulte on Jan 14, 2014
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Field Cut Off in WebDirect



     I have been unable to find an answer online, apologies if there is a simple solution to this. I have a database online via webdirect and am having an issue with a drop down box that is getting its selections from a value list. Although the drop down is large enough to display all of the text in the value list it seems like it has a predetermined cut off. I have tried to delete the field on the layout and replace it, but I am having the same issue. It displays fine in Filemaker Pro Advanced 13, but once online it cuts off. The same happens when this field is inserted in different areas of the database, but I have not noticed it happening with other fields.

     Any help is appreciated, version details below and comparison image attached. 

  •           WIndows 7
  •           Filemaker Pro Adv 13
  •           Filemaker Server 13
  •           Browsers error occurs: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer