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    Field data from another field?



      Field data from another field?


           Hopefully an easy one for one of you genuises out there... it's stumped me I'm afraid.

           I have a system with two tables. I want one of the fields in table 2 to get it's content from a field in table 1. The table field only has data with three choices and is strictly limited to those three.

           I want the field in table 2 to look at that table 1 field and extract only 1 of those values. If any help I can send a diagram but hopefully I've put it across well enough.

           The field in table 2 to look at the table 1 field and say:

           if table1::field='value', show in table 2::field




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               You'll need to show that in a lot more detail. Is there a relationship defined linking these two tables? Note that with two tables, you first have to determine the correct tablerecord from which to reference the value you want to have appear.

               Trying describing the issue in the actual tables, fields and with a general description of what you are trying to do. When you abstract the description like you have, there's a risk that you will get a suggested answer that works in abstract but not for your actual database.

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                 I have done a file maker pro data base, som thing has gone wrong, it all worked before can some one help me.

                 I have client list a product list and an invoice list.


                 When I try to enter a product in my invoice (I san see the product name which comes from my product list)

                 It comes up with a warning saying   " This field cannot be modified until “” is given a valid value.:


                 I cant get it to work it used to very odd see image

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              /files/3e4c818279/_is-given-a-valid-value..gif 850x532