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Field data is missing sometimes

Question asked by clomama :D on Aug 7, 2014
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Field data is missing sometimes


     I had created 2 databases- a 'Policy' database & a 'Client' database. The two databases are related using ClientID as the match field. In the Client database, I created 4 tables - a 'Main' table, an 'Address' table, a 'Tel' table, & an 'Email' table. Again, all tables are related using ClientID. In the Policy database each policy with the same ClientID can display client data.

     At the beginning, everything was fine. All client data could show in the layout of the Policy database. However, when I closed the layout & reopened it again, the tel data of all clients were missing. The other data were fine. I checked all settings which showed no error. After an hour, the tel data appeared again. It's been happening a couple of times. Anyone can help how to fix this?? 

     Many thanks!