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    Field data missing after input - Filemaker 13



      Field data missing after input - Filemaker 13


      I'm coming across a weird issue on my filemaker pro v13 database. It intermittently happens where some inputed data in a text field has gone missing or even have seen new entries disappear. This is a peer to peer host with 5 users. The database is about 15.8MB. Any suggestions in how i can try to located the problem? It's a pretty simple database with only one 1 relation.


      Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!!!

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          Peer to peer host?  Meaning one computer always opens the database and the other four access it with Open Remote?
          Or they randomly open the database stored on one computer or server?

          Databases can break and should be backed up regularly. The Recover Command in File Menu can be used to diagnose a COPY of the database exhibiting problems.

          FileMaker Damaged Files, Corruption, & Recover

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            I've had users complain about lost data as well. It tends to happen more when the database is shared from a user's computer. I seems like since the host computer is taking in data from several sources, it sometimes has a hard time writing data to disk leading to data corruption or loss. Having FM Server helped to alleviate those issues.

            Here are some tips.

            Get your users in the habit of hitting the Enter key after entering data. Fields aren't committed until a user clicks out of the field or moves to a different record. If two users are modifying the same record, the computer shuts down unexpectedly, or loses connection with the host computer, the data might be lost. You can also include a "Commit" button on forms which will run the Commit Record/Request script.

            Try to avoid entry using portals for important data entry. Clicking out of a field in a portal doesn't commit the related record; only when the displayed record is committed do the related records get committed. Instead, include a portal row button that will take them to the related record.

            Top Ten causes of lost data

            Committing data in records