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    Field dependancies in two tables



      Field dependancies in two tables


      I have two tables and I'd like to populate fields in Table B when and only when there is a monetary donation in Table A.  If no donation, fields should remain empty in Table B.  Is there a way to do this?  Thanks.


      Table A - Mammals                Table B - Donors

      Date                                     Date

      Name                                    Name

      Address                                 Address

      City                                       City

      State                                     State

      Donation                                Donation


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          As far as I can tell, you don't actually need the date, name, address etc fields in Table B and you don't need the Donation field in Table A.

          Define thie relationship between the two tables:

          Donors::Donation > Mammals::constZero

          define constZero as a calcualtion field with the constant number: 0 as its only term.

          To get > instead of =, double clickt the relationship line between these two tables (table occurrences) in Manage | Database | Relationships to bring up a dialog box where you can make this change.

          To see the data from Mammals appear when a donation is made, you can add the fields from Mammals directly to the Donors layout.

          PS. It is also possible to set up looked up value field options that copy data from Mammals into specified fields in Donors whenever the value in the donation field is edited. I don't see the need for that here, but if you need to capture the current value of fields from a related table such that those values won't change when fields in Mammals are edited, that's how you'd set it up.