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    Field Display in Table Layout



      Field Display in Table Layout


      I have a basic table with 110 fields.  When I go to File > Manage > Database, I see ALL the fields.  In the basic table view when I click on the modify button, I CANNOT see all the fields.  When I click the modify button and then the green +, I see ALL the fields.

      I want to see ALL the fields in the basic table.

      Is there a field display limit?

      I apologize for such a basic question - I have searched display fields, field limit, visible, invisible - I cannot seem to find an answer.  I am one day old in FileMaker Pro but a veteran in MS-Access.  Now that I am a MAC addict, I need to make the move...

      Thanks for your time and help.


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          when you click the green button +, select all with Ctrl + A and click "OK" and then "OK", all fields should be displayed in your table.



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            They do not show up...only a partial list of fields are visible...Perhaps I am not explaining it properly....there is a discrepancy between fields visible in the list for modify versus the fields in the manage > database definition of the table...I looked for patches too...If I create another table layout, I can pick the fields but there seems to be a limit to the total number permitted in table view.  I REALLY appreciate the help. Tracy

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              There is a limit to how many columns you can have visible on a single layout and you have encountered that limit. The limit is a function of the number of columns and how wide they are. If you resize the columns to be narrower, you can display a few more. That probably won't solve your problems here.

              You'll need to consider other layout design approaches for working with your data. You can, for example, create several similar layouts with different subsets of these columns displayed on each layout. You might keep a few of the left hand columns the same on each layout to display names and such in order to preserve continuity. You can use Layout Setup....|view options to make the table view layout's header visible so that you can put buttons in the header that enable you to switch layouts with a single click.

              Another thing to consider is whether a redesign of your tables with possible use of additional tables of related data may serve to eliminate the need for so many fields for one record in the first place.

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                Thanks PhilModJunk.  You made my day...twice! T

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                  110 fields seems excessive. A table should contain only necessary fields. Otherwise you should create records in related tables. On the other hand, maybe all the 110 fields in your table DO involve the same data. Whenever I see a table reaching a high number of fields I try to "split it off" into related tables. I believe I achieve speed gains, but others would disagree.