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Field display issue using a Popup Menu

Question asked by user1145 on Mar 21, 2014
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Field display issue using a Popup Menu


     I have encountered a problem that I can't explain or work around.

     I am using FileMaker Pro Advanced 13. 

     I have a global field on a table (glbClients).  I also have a value list (Client Code and Name) that displays the Client Code as the first field and the Client name as the second field.

     I have a layout based on the Client table.  On this layout, I am displaying the glbClients Field with a Popup Menu that uses the "Client Code and Name" value list.

     There is a On Modify script trigger on the glbClient field that runs a script that finds the appropriate client code.

     The problem:

     The Global field with the Popup Menu is not always displaying correctly.  Sometimes (not always), it is also showing part of the Client Name (the second field in the value list). 

     The value being stored in the glbClients field is correct and the trigger is working properly. 

     This is only happening on the glbClients field that has the Popup Menu on it.

     I placed the glbClients field on the same layout as an edit box and it is displaying correctly.


     I have attached a snapshot of what I am seeing.


     Thanks for your help!