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Field Display Question

Question asked by ShaunHamid on Dec 14, 2011
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Field Display Question




I have been building a show media tracker for awhile now and I run in to occasional problems that I could use help with.  I have a master Show table which is parent to an Episode table which then is a parent to a Media table which stores how much and what kinds of media (i.e. video tape, DVD, etc.). 


I have a layout that displays records from the Episode table which is a tracker.  On this layout is a portal which displays information from the Media table.  I have it set so the info displayed is pulled from a dropdown list which draws from a list of full names for media but shows from a second abbreviated version of the information as some names are too long to display appropriately on the Episode table layout.


My question is, when I go to the layout for the Media table which shows each record for the media, can I instead show the longer name instead while keeping the shorter name on the Episode layout?  It feels like it could be something simple, but I cannot figure out how.


Thanks for any help as always.