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    Field Display Question



      Field Display Question




      I have been building a show media tracker for awhile now and I run in to occasional problems that I could use help with.  I have a master Show table which is parent to an Episode table which then is a parent to a Media table which stores how much and what kinds of media (i.e. video tape, DVD, etc.). 


      I have a layout that displays records from the Episode table which is a tracker.  On this layout is a portal which displays information from the Media table.  I have it set so the info displayed is pulled from a dropdown list which draws from a list of full names for media but shows from a second abbreviated version of the information as some names are too long to display appropriately on the Episode table layout.


      My question is, when I go to the layout for the Media table which shows each record for the media, can I instead show the longer name instead while keeping the shorter name on the Episode layout?  It feels like it could be something simple, but I cannot figure out how.


      Thanks for any help as always.



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          Yes you can use the longer name on a different layout.  For a given Media record you could display Media::LongName or Media::ShortName or both.  As long as the relationship keys are set up to display the proper record, you can display whatever fields from that record pretty much however you want on a layout.

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            I'm sorry if I missed something, but how would I do that?

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              If you associate a Media record with a Episode record, you can display fields from the Media record on the Episode layout and vice versa.  Which fields you display, longname or short name, are up to you

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                To expand on that, when you use the field tool to add a field to your episodes layout, you can select the Media table in the table drop down and then add fields from the related Media table to your layout just as though there part of the Episode record. The relationship you define will control what data from the Media table will appear with each Episodes record on the layout.

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                  Okay, now I see why I am having difficulty understanding I did not give a full accounting of my data.  I also have a child of the Media table named Media_Types which has all the assorted media types.  The long and short names are on this table.  Have I overcomplicated this by adding the Media_Types table?  Should the Media_Types table be a child of the Media Table or should they be joined via a join table?


                  Sorry about the oversight.

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                    You'll need to spell out the relationships between each of these three tables. I sort of remember what you did from previous posts here, but can't be sure that I am remembering correctly so don't assume any knowledge on our part not posted somewhere in this thread.

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                      Okay My model is as such:  (all relationships are done via PK-FK)

                      The main table is a SHOW table.  This table relates to a child table named EPISODE as naturally each show can have multiple episodes.

                      The EPISODE table relates to a child table name MEDIA.  This is to account for the different iterations of media housed for each episode.  For example, an episode can have a DVD and a Tape and a Film at once.

                      The MEDIA table relates to a child table named MEDIA_TYPES which is where all the media info is stored.  It has a number of types which in some cases can be quite detailed and long.  I made this a separate table so that when a new format is added as usually happens every 3 years or so you can simply add a new MEDIA_TYPES record and not have to repopulate all the Value lists that correspond.  Due to the length of the names of these media types, I have created two separate fields.  The first displays the full name and type (i.e. SONY HDCAM SR MASTER) while the second contains an abbreviated version (i.e HDCAM SR M).

                      So thus, on a tracker layout that is showing records from the EPISODE table, media can be added via a portal on that layout that shows records from the MEDIA table.  The name of the media is a field on the MEDIA table.  This name is populated via a dropdown value list that draws the values from the full name on the MEDIA_TYPES however displays the abbreviated name.

                      However, I also have a layout showing records from the MEDIA table where the individual records for each episode's media can be viewed.  I would like however for the media name shown here to be the full name and not the abbreviated name.  I am not sure how to go about doing that.   Since whenever I change the name here to the full name it changes it on the EPISODE layout.  I hope that is clearer. 

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                        Show---<Episode----<Media>-------MediaTypes   (---< means one to many)

                        If I have that correct, you can add fields from MediaTypes to the portal row of your Media Portal on the Episode layout. This can include the long name you describe. You can place it next to your drop down list or you can use behavior settings to deny access to the field and put it on top of your drop down list so that it is not visible. (Give the long name field an opaque field color to keep the drop down field's data hidden.)

                        When the user clicks on this field, the drop down list behind it deploys. When you exit the value list, it disappears behind the long name field and you see the long name for the selected media type.