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Field displaying wrong value from Value list

Question asked by Badam on Mar 24, 2014
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Field displaying wrong value from Value list


     I have two tables, Staff and Request table, they are related using a Staff ID number as follows:

     Staff ID_KP in the staff table and Staff ID_KF in the Request table

     The user fills in the Staff ID_KF in the using a drop down value list which shows a list of staff names. In the value list I have selected “Show only second value only” which is the staff name.

     It all works great except after the Staff selection is made and the user clicks out of the field then the staff ID number shows instead of the Staff name. Although I have a workaround that works, there must be a better way or I am doing something wrong.

     The work around I am using is to stack two fields the one at the back only shows the drop down arrow from the Staff ID field and the front field show the staff name.

     Thanks in advance for all help.