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Field doesn't show all the contents-I'm a rookie!

Question asked by marciats on Mar 9, 2009
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Field doesn't show all the contents-I'm a rookie!


Hi, and thanks in advance-

I am placing fabricator information in a Master file from a Related file. I've got the relationship set up correctly to import the information, but the phone number does not show up completely. I have them listed in my contacts (related) file this way: 222.222.2222  All that shows up is: 222.222.222

The final digit doesn't show up. I increased the size of the field and reduced the font size, but it still shows up in browse this way-UNLESS I click on the field. Then you see the whole number.


I also tried changing the field format from general number to text-same thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated-I'm already dying my grey hair!