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Field Drop Down List Values

Question asked by hobbiesdeveloper on Apr 9, 2012
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Field Drop Down List Values



I'm trying to make a text field drop down list to only use existing values in the list i have setup for it but when I import the records using the function inside a script it doesn't check for existing values inside the drop down list values and creates a new one if there is no matching fields found.


At this point I have a category text field drop down list with 15 values and Validation set to Require: Existing Value. When I click on New Record and type in a value that is not from a value list it will give me a warning stating that the text field is defined to contain existing values only and if I would like to add this new value to the list or not but with an automated script import records, it doesn't show me anything.


I'm doing this so that when I'm importing products from a file i will only be able to use existing values inside the system and not be able to create new onces when importing.


Please let me know what's the best way?