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    Field entry permission


      Field entry permission


      I have two fields - A check box field bases on a boolean value list and a text field. I want the user to be able to 'tick' the checkbox field only if the other field contains the word "Closed". If the value does not read 'closed' then I want a dialogue box to report this..

      Is this possible?


      Thank you

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          Does a "boolean value list" mean that the check box only lists a single value? (Click the box once to select it, a second time to clear it...)

          If so, use button setup to turn your check box field into a button that performs this script:

          If [ YourTable::otherField = "Closed"]
             Set Field [ Yourtable::CheckBox ; If ( IsEmpty ( YourTable::checkbox ) ; //valuehere ) ]-->put the value specified in the value list in place of //valuehere
             Show Custom Dialog ["This option can be modified only if the ...... is closed".]
          End IF

          Note: if you use a 1 as the single value for the check box, you can use this set field step:

          Set Field [ Yourtable::CheckBox ; Not YourTable::checkbox ]