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Field Erased - Data Lost

Question asked by charliefoxtrot on Jul 29, 2011
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Field Erased - Data Lost


Just after things seemed to be going smoothly with my project, I suffered a major setback this morning when I discovered that there has been a severe loss of data. I have one field in the database that has been erased in all records created prior to this Tuesday. I've checked the simple stuff that came to mind: the field on the form is connected to the proper field in the database, the layout is correct, and FileMaker is set to browse mode.

This has happened to me twice while entering records. 300-500 words in to a data entry, this one field is erased. Sometimes other fields are erased too, but most of the time it's just the field I'm typing in. I'm not sure if this could be related. What's strange is that there is an identical field on another layout (but in the same database) that has not been affected at all. That leads me to believe it's not an issue with scripts or the capacity of a field. 

There is a script on the field that is supposed to strip extra formatting. I've set it up under Manage --> Database --> Fields then Auto Enter Calculation, replacing exisiting value. The script is simple: TextFormatRemove ( Self )

Some info on the database: There are 3 tables. A master table holds two large text fields and a few dozen smaller fields for stats. It also generates a uuid for each record. Two secondary tables hold information about people and assetts related to the primary table through the uuid. This allows unlimited associations -- we don't max out when there are a lot of people associated with a record.

My most recent backup is from the end of last week, so there will be about 20 records that have gotten deleted. I know FileMaker Server maintains daily backups. Without Time Machine (which wasn't backing up) is there any way to recover the data that has been lost? This will be a major setback for us, as the data is generated in real time and is impossible to recreate.