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    field fonts



      field fonts


      I have set Text Formatting for my fields in a report, but the data seems to be coming up in the format it was entered in (14pt instead of 8pt).  is there something i am missing?

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          Thank you for your post.


          Return to Layout Mode (from the View menu) and click once on the field.  Pull down the Format menu and select "Text...".  Besides the Size being set to 8 Point, what Font is being used?  It is possible a corrupt font is causing the problem.  In addition, let me know if there are any styles checked other than "Plain".



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            whats strange is that for all of the fields on my report, they are New Time Roman @ 11 (which is the desired font/size)


            but it still displays some data in the orig. font/size.  i am copying from excel.  i tried changing the size in excel, but it still seems to copy whatever formatting is there - odd.


            can i have it format text upon input?  i forsee my users copying from excel alot as they input old reports.  


            simply importing will not work, as they were using excels fields as layout fields, not as a proper spreadsheet.

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                 It sounds like some of your data was pasted as styled text, and overrides the formatting set in Layout mode. You need to "unformat" the data, using the TextFormatRemove () function.
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                is this something i should script? or should just run to cleanup?


                i am hacking my way thru FM with this project.  upon initial completion, i will take time to get a fuller grasp.

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                  If you're doing a one time only cleanup, You can use this function in a Replace Field Contents with specify calculation option.


                  If you will be doing this repeatedly, script it.

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                       It's a one-time cleanup, I don't think you need to script it. Just show all records, click into the field and choose Records > Replace Field Contents… > Replace with calculated result =

                    TextFormatRemove ( Self)

                    Make sure you have a backup, because there's no undo.

                    To prevent this from happening in the future, set the field to auto-enter the same formula, replacing existing data.