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Field format changes when data entered into preceding field?

Question asked by LightningAd on Jan 16, 2009
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Field format changes when data entered into preceding field?


I am using four fields to enter the component parts of a larger code number. One of these fields is a serial number, which i need to display in 3 digit format (including any leading zeroes for number less than 100). These components are then combined to create a single alphanumeric code number


I have the serial number auto-entering upon record creation. This works fine and shows up in the 3 digit format as required.  The problem i am having is that when i enter data into the preceding field, then the serial field stops displaying the leading zeroes. However, they still display correctly in the combined code number.  


As this code number is one of the most vital id tools for the item, i need it to look 100% correct whether you are looking at the component fields or the final combined number.



the settings i have used are as follows:-


4 fields - Agency (3 character alpha), Product (4 character alpha), Serial (3 digit serial number), Duration (3 digit from value list)


 Serial settings - Auto Enter Serial (start 001  increment by 1),

calculated value  Case( IsEmpty (TVC 2::serial) or Max(TVC 2::serial)=999; 1; Max(TVC 2::serial)+1)

Prohibit modification of value during data entry is checked

Validation - only during data entry checked + Allow user to override during data entry checked

In Range  000 - 999 



Can anyone spot any obvious errors in my settings?