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Field Glow...

Question asked by DavidMaffucci on May 27, 2012
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Field Glow...


I'll tell you, whatever the geniuses at FileMaker did to create the "Contacts" Example file which comes with FMP12, they employed lots of tricks. The one I'm trying (failing) to emulate today is the glow around all the fields...


When you are in browse mode and moving from field to field, they have this very pleasant blue glow around them. Also, the field borders never go "dotted" they always stay solid. I've played around with the Inspector trying to copy the formatting but I can't seem to find that control. I've messed with "Normal State" and "In Focus" and such but no combination produces the effect. I can use the fomat painter to copy it to my elements but there are lots of undesirable side effects. All I want to know is how to create the glow. It's not a simple change of the border color when "In Focus"...I can't figure it out...anyone know the trick?