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Field in portal gets unwanted data filled in...

Question asked by FarfelKnabe on Aug 4, 2011
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Field in portal gets unwanted data filled in...


Hi all,

I have struggled with this problem for some time and I am ready to give up, so I ask here for help first.

I have a main layout with a portal (within a set of tabs) where I can add new records to add to a secondary table. That secondary table has a relationship with a third table - a date field.

When I add a new line in the portal there is a field, a date field, that gets filled out with a "rouge" date?!?! That particular date is used in another post but other that being in the same table those two records don't have anything in common.

When I have tested this in order to find the error I have discovered that when I am adding one more record to the portal I get a different date, but always within the same year and month (and the day differ a bit).

The date always seems to change and "jump" around a bit but as far as I have tested the date being filled out always is in the year of 2007!

Anyone has any ideas or solutions about this?