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Field in Portal will not Print to PDF Generator

Question asked by jebber6685 on Feb 25, 2011
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Field in Portal will not Print to PDF Generator


I have an unusual portal pdf printing situation.

 I have a Portal that contains fields from my Contacts DB. The fields are Name, Title, Phone, Email in that order from left to right in the Portal.

In the browse mode, everthing looks great. All contents of the fields are their. When I print the record to the internal PDF generator, everything prints fine excpe that the far left field ( Name in this case ) does not print and all the other fields appear to slide to the left.

I did the following things to try and isolate the problem;

1) Printed the record to another PDF creator. It did the same thing, so this confirmed that it is probably not the FileMaker internal PDF creator.

2) In layout mode, I slide the portal to the side leaving the fields in place. Those fields without the Portal printed to PDF just fine. This tells me that has something to do with the Portal

3) With the Portal back in place, I moved the Email field out of the way and replaced it with a copy of the Name field that does not print. I then printed to PDF. The far left Name field did not print, everything slide over to left and the Name field that was copied and put in place of the email field printed fine. This tells me that it has something to do do with the left position within the portal.

4) I wanted to confirm that it did not have anything to do with THAT field. So I switched the Name field and the Title field such that the Title field is now in that far left position. I created a PDF and the far left title field did not print either. So this definitely confirms that it has something to do with that far left position within the portal.

What could be happening here???? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have FMPro Advanced 10.0 v3

OS - Windows 7