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Field in wrong table

Question asked by eibcga on Jul 8, 2010
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Field in wrong table


In error, I put a field in the wrong table and would like to fix this.  I would like to move the Quantity ("qty") number field from the parent table ("JOURNAL") to the child table ("LEDGER") while keeping all the data therein.

To try and fix this, I created a new field in the child table called "qty" with calculation type, formula is equal to JOURNAL::qty, and calculation result is Number and is unstored (now I have the same data in both Quantity fields of each table).  All I want to do now to the new Quantity field in the child table is to "copy, paste values" (like in Excel or Numbers to get rid of the formula, but leave the formula result behind as static), then delete the Quantity field from the parent table.  Ultimately, I will then be left with the Quantity number field in the child table with the same original data.  In affect, I have moved the Quantity filed with data from one table to the other and removed the original field.  However, I cannot change the unstored setting in the new Quantity field to stored since it is a related field!  I also cannot change the new Quantity field from calculation type to a number type as it will get rid the formula results.

Is there a formula or steps I can do to accomplish this?  No script is required since this is a one-time fix.  This database is not used by others and is for my use only for a personal project.

Thanks!  ERD is attached.