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    Field Info Help!



      Field Info Help!


      I am currently creating a sales contact log. I have a field called "heading tasks" that i type the heading into. I have a second field called "Task Entry" that i type a description into. I want to be able to press a button and the two fields together with a time stamp get automatically entered into a third field call "Tasks". Therefore as i add more entries the "Tasks" field continues to be updated but the old entries are still visible Eg below. i assume i need to create a script, but being new to filmmaker a script to do this is by far a bit beyond my current skill level.



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          Howdy maxvan,


          I personally would prefer to have a child table with related records in this case (rather than appending info onto a single field).  You could then view your activity chain through a portal and get the same result without having to click the button.


          If you must append (can't figure out how this would be a must):


          SetVariable ($Task; Table1::Tasks)

          SetField (Table1::Tasks; $Task & Get(CurrentTimeStamp) & Task Entry)

          Setfield (Table1::TaskEntry ; "" )   /##clears out the task entry field in case you doubleclick the button by accident 


          You could really do it in a single self referencing Setfield, but I shy away from self referencing functions as a matter of course...got myself into trouble too often with them.

          SetField (Table1::Tasks ; Table1::Tasks & Get(CurrentTimeStamp) & Task Entry)


          Hope this helps...especially if you choose the Child table route :)