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Field information from other table's field

Question asked by RuiGuerreiro on Dec 18, 2013
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Field information from other table's field


     Hello to you all,

     I just started my trial period of FM13. Checking out what I can do with it in order to decide to purchase or not. So far it looks pretty promising, but I guess I'll be asking quite a few questions in the following days ;)

     So, I'm creating a database for a Library, and one of the first things I'm trying to deal with is the Authors field. As to make things easier to input new records, and to keep the Authors names nice and tidy, I suppose it's a good idea to create a separate Authors table, right? As I imagine it, there's the Main table with all its fields, like Title, Editor, ISBN and so on, and of course one field for the book's Author. I would like to have the Author's field in the Main table to be related to the Authors table.

     Let's say I'm creating a record for a William Shakespeare's book for the very first time. Since there's no record for William Shakespeare in the Authors table yet, I would need to create one. Can I set like a button (or something else, feel free to suggest it) right next to the Author field that, once clicked would open a new window to create a New Author in the Authors table?

     That's the first part of the question. The second part is about creating a new record for a book of an Author that already exists. How can I set the Author field in the Main table, to automatically sugest similar names as I type the first letters of the name? Suppose there's already a record for William Shakespeare in the Authors table. When I try to create a new book from William Shakespeare, as I type "wil..", the field would automatically show me a list of authors names that start with "wil.." so that I could pick the correct one. Is this possible?

     Hope I was able to explain what I mean.

     Thank you so much for your help.