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Field link to an external folder name

Question asked by vanmi128 on Oct 4, 2009
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Field link to an external folder name


Could someone please tell me if this is possible, and how I would go about it in FileMaker Pro 10:


I have a very large database that spans several years of dayly encounters with dolphins.  Dolphin photos taken each day are stored in folders on my computer, and these folders are named by date (dd-mm-yyyy) - i.e. there is one folder of photos for each day.  It would be too time-consuming for me to reference each photo to my database, instead I was hoping to create a link to the folders.  I would like to create a field that links the field "date" (dd/mm/yyy) in my encounter database to the date of the folders.  I would like this field in my encounter datasheet to act as a button which when clicked opens a new window containing the folder of photos taken that day for the user to view.


Any help would be much appreciated.