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Field Mapping Lost Upon Backup

Question asked by JeanAnneMayhall on Dec 19, 2012
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Field Mapping Lost Upon Backup


     INFO:  We have a dedicated machine where FM Pro v11 is hosted and acts as a file server.  This machine is backed up offsite each night.  We do not close the FM files. The back up system has ghosting, a Raid set up, etc.

     At one of the FM stations in our office (NOT the host), a large file is imported every morning from an outside source.  The Field Map is set up on that computer ...the one handling the import. 

     Yet, when the host is backed up each night, the host then retains the field mapping and the machine that set up the mapping does not.  Can you tell me how and if this is solvable. 

     Note:  We prefer not to do daily work on the machine acting as the host.  But we seem unable to predictably retain the field mapping when it is set up on the remote machine.  It works for a few days and then we lose the mapping?  Yet mapping while never set up at the host, is still retained at the host after backup.

     Suggestions?  Thanks

     Jean Anne