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    Field name caution



      Field name caution


      From when I started with FM, I have been careful not to use spaces when creating field names -- opting in general for CamelCase or "_" to indicate word separation. This was due mainly to the paranoia induced by some documentation and references.


      However, repeatedly I have noticed rather liberal usage of spaces in field names in FM sample files, third-party solutions, and even here in this forum in posts by very experienced and respected developers.


      So, my question:

      Is there really a concern about using spaces in field names? (Or layout names, or script names, etc.?). If so, under what circumstances? SQL-related?


      In general it is not a significant concession to make, but using spaces does present a cleaner look when the field names appear as column headers in Table View.



      Thank you.


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          For FileMaker its not so much as issue, but in most SQL naming conventions, spaces are not used as well as some other things. If ever you want to use FM as a data source it it just easier for other systems ( and their developers ) to use standard conventions.


          There are some developers that come from more traditional development background as well as those that deal outside of FileMaker a lot. Then there are also a lot of developers that dealy almost exclusively with FileMaker.


          So really it becomes a personal preference.