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Field name caution

Question asked by DLW-BPEX on Feb 5, 2010
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Field name caution


From when I started with FM, I have been careful not to use spaces when creating field names -- opting in general for CamelCase or "_" to indicate word separation. This was due mainly to the paranoia induced by some documentation and references.


However, repeatedly I have noticed rather liberal usage of spaces in field names in FM sample files, third-party solutions, and even here in this forum in posts by very experienced and respected developers.


So, my question:

Is there really a concern about using spaces in field names? (Or layout names, or script names, etc.?). If so, under what circumstances? SQL-related?


In general it is not a significant concession to make, but using spaces does present a cleaner look when the field names appear as column headers in Table View.



Thank you.