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    Field Name list



      Field Name list


      I am looking for a way to get a list of the field names that I can then use in a script.

      I tried copying the list in the define data base but it did not work.  I am currently using fmp8 but will upgrade to 13 soon.

      The best solution would create the list dynamically.

      any ideas?

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          Take a look at the FIeldNames function--which should work in FMP 8 as well as 13.

          I produces a return separated list of all the field names located on a given layout.

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            that would be perfect if I didn't have to specify a layout as adding new fields to the file would require going back and adding them to the layout to be able to see them in the script.  I would like to make the script autonomous and not have to rework the layout if there is a change down the road.

            This may be the only way to go about it though.

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              Using the FileMaker 13 Field picker, you can add all fields for a given table to your layout pretty quickly.

              You can click the first field in the picker, then shift click the last field listed before doing a drag and drop to add all fields to the layout.

              So the routine to update your layout after adding more fields might be:

              Enter layout mode

              ctrl-a (select All)


              Click to open field picker and use it to add all fields to the layout.

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                There must be a way to access the Table list of fields too eliminating having to remember to do this in the future.

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                  Not as far as I know, which is why I suggested FieldNames. I suppose there might be a plug in that can do what you want.

                  Frankly, I've never needed such a list for any of my scripts and I speak as someone who started using FileMaker when it was a flat file with a version number of 2.5.