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    field not modifiable



      field not modifiable


      What would cause "field not modifiable" error to occur

      when running a script that can do a Delete Record/Request ?

      A record can be deleted by using the Filemaker menu drop-down
      "Delete Record" but the script program cannot.

          Thanks for your help.


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          Howdy CountryBoy1,

          Thanks for the post.


          I'll probably ask more questions than give answers...but hopefully we'll get it done anyway.


          - The script can do a Delete Record/Request, but is that the step that's causing the error?  What else in in the script that could be giving the error?

          - Is the script running with Full Access Privileges?  Should it be?


          Whenever I run into this, I'll put "Comments" and "Pause Scripts" in the sticking script to verify which script step is ACTUALLY giving the problem.  Have you done this?

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            Dear Ninja:

                The script is running with Full Access.  The code in the

             script just asks a few questions with some Show Custom

             Dialogs and then it does a Delete Record/Request.  This

             problem seemed to develop after I imported some records

             but I've deleted those records and started from scratch

             and still have the same problem.

                 Sincerely, CountryBoy1


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              Dear Ninja:

                  I must apologize.  My code looked innocent but I discovered a reference

               to a field value in one of my Show Custom Dialog functions.  I found it

               by using your idea of isolating parts of the code and tracking down the

               problem.  Thanks for your help.  Your answer is really the solution.