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    Field not showing on Layout



      Field not showing on Layout


      FM 10

      Does anyone know of a reason why a field would not appear on a layout but does appear in the data viewer?


      I simply want to show the name of a person on a layout that is based on the table from where the record is located.


       I tried plaing it in the Body, in the header, Bring to Front, Bring Forward etc.  No appear except in the Data Viewer?


      I am using the Tab Order utility.  

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             Maybe its obvious but did you check the font color, pen settings, etc?
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            Yeah I did check that.


            I even put the field outside of the layout, on the header, in the footer, and it still does not appear.


            Can't figure it out.


            Can you help me with one simple issue?  Filemaker will save the formating of an object and continue with that format until something causes it to change.


            For example, I may have a field that  that is 200 x 20 pixels, has borders, and is engraved.  Filemaker will continue to use that format every time I insert a new field until something causes it to change to another newformat.


            How is it that filemaker does that? I learned about it a long time ago but seem to have forgotten.  Thanks.

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                 One other thing about the first issue.   If I click on that field, it appears as long as I hold down the mouse button,.  When I let go, it disappears...???  The field outline is there but it appears empty.
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                Resolved this problem.  This note is for anyone having the same issue.  The problem was sloppiness on my part.  The field I was trying to show was a calculation field called name_full.

                Its calculation was name_last & ", " & name_first

                I did not check the Calculation result box which was set to NUMBER.


                I changed it to Text and it worked perfectly.