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Field not verifying

Question asked by PatriciaSamuelsen on Jun 27, 2012
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Field not verifying


Here's my new problem:


I have a layout that shows data from a registration table as well as a portal that shows classes and fees from an enrollment table along with a total field for each fee (also from the enrollment table).


The classes and fees display properly in the portal, and the total fields display and update properly if a class is added to the enrollment table..


At the bottom of the layout, I have registration table field that adds the two total fields together and show total fees.  This field in the registration table is marked to auto-enter as a calculated value (the total of the two fields from the enrollment table).  It is also marked to ALWAYS validate by the same calcuation.


Here's my problem:  When I add a registration record and it goes to get the enrollment information, it completes this field properly.  But if I add an enrollment record, although it updates the two total fields, it does NOT update this field.

It seems to me that if it's supposed to ALWAYS validate according to this calculation, it shoudl update this field when the fields in the calculation change.


Any ideas?