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Field of values, Script using loop

Question asked by ChrisJohnston on Nov 8, 2013
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Field of values, Script using loop


     Field of values using loop.

     Does anybody have an example of a Script using a field of values and looping through it? I had found the FileMaker article here and added the good advice, that this is not currently the best way to do this from the moderator, and other advice to not use copy and paste (a better way is to set variables and retrieve them was the advice of many knowledgeable people). In this article it show a way to use a loop to run through the records in a portal, and send the useful data to another field. It works but does not seem to be that efficient. One thing that makes me wonder about it is, this is the only script that show and hour glass in my solution.  So what if you had the list of values in field and wanted to check if some condition was true or anything else on the values. If these values are in a field how can you loop through and perform condition checks and such. I have already determined that you have to use ValueCount() instead of Count to count them, I was sitting 15 minutes wondering why Count was always 1. Pic shows type of result I am referring to.