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Field options (nesting??) - FileMaker Pro 11

Question asked by southerncross10 on May 23, 2010
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Field options (nesting??) - FileMaker Pro 11


Hi there,


I was wondering if it possible to somthing quite complicated:

I would like to have a number of options come up in a field - I want to get a record of groups' voting on certain motions.




A field for "Votes for x motion" that when you clicked it came up with the different groups' names and a box to put in how many votes they cast for something. So it would look like:


Company A (box for number input)

Company B (box for number input)

Company C (box for number input) etc


I would then like to get a total of the votes to appear in the main box as the end data result. Is this possible? Could i get it so FileMaker made a record of how each company voted on an issue as well from those inputs?


Many thanks in advance