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    Field Problem



      Field Problem


           I have a field that auto-enters some text when a new record is made, but it's modifiable so the user can enter in anything different if desired. Is there a way to set a field to re-display the pre-designated text if the user tries to leave the field empty?

           Thanks for any help

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               Does the text actually need to be IN the fields or does it just display some label text like "Enter Name" or "New Customer"?

               If you just need the text for display purposes, you can use layout text to put this text on top of the field and use conditional formatting that sets the font size to 120+points when the field is not empty to make it disappear.

               If you need the text to be in the field, use an auto-enter calculation that puts the text back if the field is empty but keeps the data in the field if it is not:

               If ( IsEmpty ( self ) ; "Put Default Text Here" ; self )