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Question asked by paulgower on Jul 2, 2011


Field Question



Could someone tell me how i can add more to this field basically from a drop down menu 'paper1' someone selects the paper they want, the field 'paper cost1' works out how much it costs. The problem i have is i only seem to be able to put 2 if commands into the field for 'paper cost1' when i actually have about 6 to put in.

I'm new to this program so wanted to keep it as simple as possible !

The calculation i have at the moment is..... If ( PAPER1 = "WHITE A4"  ; SHEETS USED 1 * .0075 ;If ( PAPER1= "GREEN A4" ; SHEETS USED 1 * .0675))

The above works but it doesn;t if i try to put anymore in, if someone can help me with this it would be great.